Jos Hoevenaars joins Vici ‘Affordable Justice’ team

On 1 November 2023, Jos Hoevenaars re-joined Erasmus School of Law after completing a one-year research project at the Dutch Council for the Judiciary which focused on questions of effectiveness of judgments in the Dutch legal system (report available early 2024). Previously, he was part of our ERC ‘Building EU civil justice’ team, where his research focused mainly on (self)representation in court and access to justice in a cross-border context. In 2022, he was the executive project manager for a study commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security and its Research and Documentation Centre (WODC) that looked into the usefulness and necessity of a litigation fund for collective actions in the Netherlands (Dutch report available here, English book forthcoming).

The coming years he will strengthen the Vici ‘Affordable Access to Justice’ team, focusing on costs and funding of collective actions, and he will develop a new line of research in the area of strategic litigation in which he will investigate the collective and representative action field from a legal mobilisation perspective. He will also play a role in the setting up of a European Civil Justice Centre.


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Published: September 4, 2023

Being elected as a Member to the Institut de Droit International in 2021, Xandra Kramer participated at the bi-annual session of the IDI in Angers from 27 August till 3 September. After impressing opening speeches by among others president mr. Emmanuel Macron and SG of the United Nations mr. Antonio Gutteres, sessions on various topics of international law were discussed. She also in the 6th Commission on Municipal Law before International Courts and Tribunals discussing an interesting draft report on the topic by Hans van Houtte and Burkhard Hess.