Out now: Financing Collective Actions in The Netherlands

The book Financing Collective Actions in the Netherlands: Towards a Litigation Fund? has just been published (Eleven International Publishing 2024) and is available open access. The book is authored by the Rotterdam Vici team members Xandra Kramer and Jos Hoevenaars, and Ianika Tzankova and Karlijn van Doorn (both TilbUniversity). It is an English and updated version of a Study commissioned by the Dutch Research and Documentation Centre of the Ministry of Justice, published in September 2023. It discusses developments in Dutch collective actions from a regulatory perspective, including the implementation of the RAD, and contains a quantitative and qualitative analysis of cases that have been brought under the WAMCA. It examines funding aspects of collective actions from a regulatory, empirical and comparative perspective. It delves into different funding modes, including market developments in third party litigation funding, and addresses the question of the necessity, feasibility, and design of a (revolving) litigation fund for collective actions.

A launch event and webinar will take place on 3 July from 15-17.15 hrs CET. Registration for free here.


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Published: July 14, 2022

On 14 July 2022, Xandra Kramer participated in a very well attended webinar on International Commercial courts, organized by the univerties of Bologna, Milan and Verona. Her talk ‘Commercializing Litigation: The Case of the Netherlands Commercial Court’, focused on the reasons why the NCC has been established, international justice competition, the key features of the NCC and the future prospects. While so far the number of cases the NCC has dealt with is limited, change takes time and the quality, efficiency and international outreach of the NCC are promising.