Out now: Financing Collective Actions in The Netherlands

The book Financing Collective Actions in the Netherlands: Towards a Litigation Fund? has just been published (Eleven International Publishing 2024) and is available open access. The book is authored by the Rotterdam Vici team members Xandra Kramer and Jos Hoevenaars, and Ianika Tzankova and Karlijn van Doorn (both TilbUniversity). It is an English and updated version of a Study commissioned by the Dutch Research and Documentation Centre of the Ministry of Justice, published in September 2023. It discusses developments in Dutch collective actions from a regulatory perspective, including the implementation of the RAD, and contains a quantitative and qualitative analysis of cases that have been brought under the WAMCA. It examines funding aspects of collective actions from a regulatory, empirical and comparative perspective. It delves into different funding modes, including market developments in third party litigation funding, and addresses the question of the necessity, feasibility, and design of a (revolving) litigation fund for collective actions.

A launch event and webinar will take place on 3 July from 15-17.15 hrs CET. Registration for free here.


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Published: October 18, 2023

We are hosting visiting researcher Jonathan Drücker, PhD researcher at Augsburg University, in October-November for a few weeks research stay.

He presents himself: “Currently, I am working on my PhD-thesis which deals with a jurisdiction over companies based in non-member states by using their EU based parent company as an `anchor defendant´ in human rights litigation cases. As the Dutch law has the reputation of being on the frontier of development when it comes to corporate responsibility, I am very fortunate to be hosted by the Erasmus University Rotterdam for a two week research visit, which enables me to develop a comparative approach in respect of jurisdiction and private enforcement. I want to thank the University, notably Professor Xandra Kramer and her team for the friendly invitation and for making my visit possible on short notice.

I am looking forward to broaden my horizon by discussing thoughts and ideas with international experts and finding different legal perspectives and solutions for social and economic problems raised by globalisation and transnational supply chains in the field of international civil procedure law in an enriching and diverse environment.”