Visiting Researcher Zilin Hao

We are currently hosting visiting researcher Zilin Hao, PhD researcher at Wuhan University, in January-June for a six-months research stay. She is working on her PhD thesis (Exclusive jurisdiction for cross-border litigation) and got LLM and LLB in Law (China University of Political Science and Law).

She presents herself: “My research interests focus on the fields of private international law and international civil procedure. Before I came to Rotterdam, I learned a lot from the publications of Prof. Xandra Kramer. Thus, I appreciate Professor Kramer, who integrated me into her research group. During my stay, Xandra Kramer and her team gave me warm welcome and care. Most
importantly, by participating biweekly academic seminar with professional
teammates, I can consider my thesis question from the comparative perspective of
European private international law and civil procedure law in a straight way.
I cherish this rare opportunity for an academic visit and look forward to learning more in the coming months.”


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Published: March 7, 2024

Today we had the pleasure of hosting a delegation from Indonesia, led by the Director General of Legal Administrative Affairs, Ministry of Law and Human Rights. The delegation visited the Hague for the purpose of the Council on General Affairs and Policy (CGAP) of the Hague Conference on Private International Law, combining it with a visit to Erasmus School of Law. Topics of discussion included ongoing work on a bill on Private International Law in the Netherlands and the importance of the work of the HCCH for mutual assistance. Indonesia is not a member of the HCCH, but has ratified the Apostille Convention and is considering to accede to several other conventions.