European Civil Justice key events and publications in 2024

Happy New Year’s wishes from our Vici Building European Civil Justice group. This year will mark a range of important events and book publications. We will host a series of webinars that will kick-off in the Spring. We are very happy that after a slow start during the pandemic, the book Research Methods in Private International Law, co-edited by Xandra Kramer and Laura Carballo Piñeiro is scheduled for publication by Elgar in May 2024. It contains fascinating chapters on regulatory, research and teaching approaches, including by our postdoc researchers Adriani Dori and Carlota Ucin. Around the same time we expect that the book Financing Collective Actions in the Netherlands: towards a Litigation Fund will be published by Eleven International Publishing, co-authored by our researchers Xandra Kramer and Jos Hoevenaars in collaboration with Ianika Tzankova and Karlijn van Doorn.This is an updated English version of a report commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Justice. We are also excited about compiling our Handbook on European Civil Procedure, commissioned by The Gruyter that we co-edit together with Stefaan Voet and with a stellar author team. We will also submit the manuscript for our book on Sustainable Access to Justice, following our international conference of October of last year, co-edited by our group members Xandra Kramer, Masood Ahmed, Carlota Ucin and Adriani Dori featuring interesting chapters by our fantastic speakers and our PhD researchers Adrian Cordina and Eduardo Silva de Freitas. The latter two hope to wrap up most of their PhD research this year, together with our group member Antonia Antonopoulou. We are also happy to host guest PhD researcher Zilin Hao for six months who will introduce herself shortly. Our group is open for hosting other visiting researchers and for applications of (self-funded) new PhD candidates this year, and we look forward to many other collaborations to keep broadening our horizons.


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Published: October 1, 2022

We had the pleasure to host Dr. Jose Caro Catalan of Universidad de Cádiz as a visiting researcher from 20 June till 20 September 2022. Jose reports:

“In the summer of 2022, I carried out a research stay at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, under the supervision of Professor Kramer, who integrated me into her research group. I did this research stay just after defending my doctoral thesis in Spain, with the idea of exploring new research topics related to the efficiency of civil justice. Specifically, during those months I had the opportunity to learn more about the phenomenon of judicial specialization through the example of international commercial court. Furthermore, the possibility of participating in the group’s internal seminars allowed me to stay up to date with new topics and reflect on the challenges facing civil justice in the European Union. It was a very enriching experience, not only because of the excellent research resources available but, above all, because of the excellent researchers who are part of the group”.