Sustaining Access to Justice in Europe: New Avenues for Costs and Funding

The team of the NWO Vici project ‘Affordable Access to Justice’ at Erasmus School of Law, Erasmus University (Rotterdam), is organising the conference ‘Sustaining Access to Justice in Europe: New Avenues for Costs and Funding’ on 19 and 20 October 2023 at the Erasmus Paviljoen at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Access to civil justice is of paramount importance for enforcing citizens’ rights. At the heart of access to civil justice lies litigation funding and cost management. Yet, over the past decades, access to justice has been increasingly put under pressure due to retrenching governments, high costs of procedure, and the inefficiency of courts and justice systems. Within this context, the funding of litigation in Europe seems to be shifting from public to private sources. Private actors and innovative business models emerged to provide new solutions to the old problem of financial barriers of access to justice.

With the participation of policymakers, practitioners, academics, and civil society representatives from all over Europe and beyond, the conference seeks to delve deeper into the financial implications of access to justice and the different ways to achieve sustainable civil justice systems in Europe.

The topics addressed in this international academic conference will include the different methods of financing dispute resolution, particularly in the context of group litigation (third-party funding, crowdfunding, blockchain technologies), public interest litigation, developments in ADR/ODR, the new business models of legal professionals as well as law and economics aspects on litigation funding. The conference is supported by the Dutch Research Council (NWO).

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Please find the preliminary conference programme below.

Call for papers Vici Conference Sustainable justice 2023.pdf

Conference_Programme_2023_(1).pdf (


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Published: June 30, 2023

Between April 1 and June 30 2023, supported by NWO, Erasmus School of Law, Erasmus+ and Erasmus Trustfonds Hermes Kring Londen, Adrian Cordina went on a research stay at UCL Laws. During his time at UCL Laws, he continued his research on third-party litigation funding in Europe, with a particular emphasis on the jurisdiction of England and Wales, under the supervision of Dr. John Sorabji (UCL) and Masood Ahmed (Leicester). Adrian took the opportunity to carry out qualitative empirical research in the form of interviews with key industry stakeholders and experts. He also discussed his research with peers at a PhD Work in Progress Forum at UCL Laws, benefitting
from constructive feedback and criticism. Moreover, Adrian attended lectures and seminars of interest and expanded his network in the vibrant and global city of London.